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About Us

We are a group of volunteers committed to rescuing dogs in China. Saving Harbin Dogs founder, Eva, has been rescuing and rehoming Harbin dogs for more than 10 years. Eva lives in Harbin city, Heilongjiang province, in northeast China. Other team members live in the UK and US.

Saving Harbin Dogs does not have a shelter. We are an all volunteer foster based rescue. When we run out of foster homes, rescued dogs are boarded at one of several local Harbin boarding facilities and vet clinics. We focus our rescue efforts on saving dogs from the dog meat trade (along with some abused, neglected and abandoned dogs). China is not safe for dogs. There are no animal protection or anti-cruelty laws in China. Yulin has become symbolic of the dog meat trade, but dogs are butchered and consumed throughout China all year. Yulin is everywhere. Every day. It is heartbreaking beyond words.

Every year it is estimated that around 10 million dogs lose their lives to China's meat trade. Whether sold to slaughter by breeders, strays living on the street, or stolen from loving homes, these dogs all end up in the same place and the same situation. They are abused, tortured, starved, neglected, and exposed to horrific and barbaric treatment, and then they are brutally slaughtered and sold for human consumption. We save as many dogs as we can from this horrific fate. We house them, feed them, love them and try to find them safe, loving forever homes outside of China in the UK, Europe and Canada. (Note: As of July 14, 2021 the U.S. is no longer allowing dogs to be imported from many countries, including China)

Saving Harbin Dogs does some direct adoptions however most of our dogs are transferred to rescue groups (outside China) to be adopted out by them. With the help of our amazing flight volunteers and partner rescue organizations, these survivors of the dog meat trade are able to find loving homes around the world.

Saving Harbin Dogs is saving as many dogs as we can. We rescue dogs from dog meat trucks, the local shelter, the streets and puppy mills. We get them medical treatment, put them into foster homes or pay to board them, while we work to find them homes outside China where they will be safe.


Many of the dogs we take are sick or injured. All are traumatized. They have been through hell. Their lives are a testament to hope and compassion. We pick up the broken souls, try to heal them, and give them a second chance at life. We want these dogs to find the love and life they deserve. We want them to be ambassadors to spread awareness of the dog meat trade around the world. Their lives matter, and the government of China needs to know that the international community is committed to protecting these animals. The dogs in our homes that we share our lives with, are no different than the dogs that are being slaughtered for food in China every day.

We can only do what we do with donations from the public and kindhearted animal lovers. It is an endless battle to save these precious lives. And the need is overwhelming. Our ability to save lives is directly related to the amount of donations we receive. Without Saving Harbin Dogs, many of these dogs will not survive. We are saving dogs from the most horrific conditions imaginable. Please help us end the suffering for many of these dogs.

We are a volunteer run charity and rely solely on donations.  There is no safety net for dogs here in China. We are it. And we are 100% reliant on your kindness and generosity. You are the only chance these dogs have. 


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